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An amendment to South Korea’s patent law will expand the scope of discovery, but Michelle Ko explains that we’re not likely to see US-style discovery practices emerge – at least not yet.
After learning how software patents operate in the business world, let’s see how different patent offices handle them. Johnny Chan reports.
Patent subject matter eligibility sounds like a straight-forward concept, but it is not so in practice. Johnny Chan takes us around the world to see how jurisdictions interpret eligibility differently...
Assess-Men’s Creed   2017-08-31
IP attorneys and service providers talk to Johnny Chan about the methods of IP valuation, associated challenges as well as ways to overcome them.
Before Sue-rise   2017-07-31
Much can be done by both law firms and companies to resolve disputes before hitting litigation. Johnny Chan reveals the secrets.
Indonesia’s patent law is evolving to include recognition of microorganisms. Cita Citrawinda examines how the changes will enhance protection for patents of microorganisms.
Law firms may be the only thing you think of when it comes to brand protection, but working alongside them are IP service providers, the powers of which have long been underestimated. Johnny Chan reve...
Whether you are an attendee of LESI 2017 or not, this feature will help you dive into the kaleidoscopic licensing world, which can drive your IP business forward. Johnny Chan reports.
My name is Johnny. While the Umbrella Corporation has been stopped to bring life from death in the movies, the war against pharmaceutical counterfeiters in the real world is just getting started. This...
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