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2010 Asia IP Awards   2010-12-01
About the Firms   2010-10-01
There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to IP rights enforcement. IP lawyers from around Asia share enforcement strategy tips to help ensure that your selected strategy gets the job done.
Shining Lights   2010-03-01
Announcing the first annual IP Counsel of the Year Awards, Gregory Glass speaks to the winners, and finds out what makes a leading light in Asia’s in-house counsel landscape.
Landmark Cases   2010-02-01
Picking the landmark intellectual property case from each of a dozen or so countries is sure to be a difficult job, especially when it comes to reaching a consensus on which cases are most deserving o...
Or more importantly, are the firms you are using the best in their field? Over the past several months, Asia IP polled thousands of in-house counsel and private practitioners in order to find the best...
When it comes to the cross-border nature of intellectual property rights enforcement, Matthew Laight, managing partner for China at Bird & Bird, summed it up perfectly when he told Asia IP the followi...
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