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Singapore has made an impressive effort to be known as Southeast Asia’s innovation hub. But is the city-state getting its money’s worth? Gregory Glass reports from Singapore.
Blockchain, the technology which underpins bitcoin, shows great promise in the financial services world and beyond, but those in the IP world remain cautious. Simon Lee reports.
The Trump presidency brought about the United States’ expected withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Where does that leave the IP protections which had been written into the agreement? Gregor...
A recent report on illicit trade gave Singapore a surprisingly bad score. Simon Lee reports.
Greater China
As patent lawyers in some Asian jurisdictions are learning to work with amended patent laws, others hope for revised laws to take root. Lawyers from around the region help Asia IP explain what’s new i...
Copyright Conundrums   2013-01-01
As each jurisdiction interprets copyrights differently, Johnny Chan chats with lawyers from around the region to compare copyright laws in different jurisdictions and to identify some common laws and ...
First Among Equals   2012-01-01
With the votes cast and the research compiled, Asia IP names the In-house Counsel making headlines in Asia. Gregory Glass reports.
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