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The Online Problem   2013-04-01
 Once upon time, brand owners only had to worry about physical stores selling fake merchandise. Those days are long gone, say IP practitioners in the region, who now must wrestle with online sellers, ...
Spotting the Fakes   2013-04-01
 Asia IP asked intellectual property lawyers from around the region how they spot fake goods.
Similar Marks?   2013-03-01
In this last trademarks decision for 2012, the Singapore high court has given some interesting insight into the importance of ‘trading circumstances’ which can negate the likelihood of consumer confus...
Implications on IP   2013-02-01
The Turning Point   2012-10-01
A recent global recession has hit many economies that are still recovering from the latest financial turmoil. Having enjoyed nearly a century of prosperity, how are law firms handling this crisis? Ann...
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