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The Green Revolution   2011-09-01
Companies large and small are adopting measures and inventing technologies that help solve environment-related problems, including global climate change. Dhruv Anand explores the concept, and what it ...
Changes Ahead   2011-09-01
From reforms of its infrastructure to appointing a retired High Court judge, India’s Intellectual Property Appellate Board is working towards a more efficient IP rights system.
2010 Asia IP Awards   2010-12-01
Recent cases have given a hint of how India will allow rights-holders to amend their patent claims. Pravin Anand and Abhilasha Nautiyal say interpretation of the statute is headed in the right directi...
Different Drum   2010-05-01
India has long pursued an independent IP rights agenda – from encouraging generic pharmaceutical producers to blocking genetically modified crops. Recently, the country has also passed a slew of legis...
Looking for a Cure   2010-05-01
India’s IP regime has plenty to be proud of, but in other areas, it needs work. Pravin Anand looks at the good, the bad and the ugly of intellectual property in India.
The evolving concepts of e-commerce will continue to pose new and challenging problems. As e-commerce continues to grow, it will be essential for companies to protect their intellectual property.
Correction   2010-02-01
Landmark Cases   2010-02-01
Picking the landmark intellectual property case from each of a dozen or so countries is sure to be a difficult job, especially when it comes to reaching a consensus on which cases are most deserving o...
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