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Although trademark laws are seemingly sufficient in Asia, successful enforcement action remains a bit of a lottery. Experts share their trademark enforcement views and stories with Johnny Chan.   Rou...
  Intellectual property right holders in India are able to enforce their rights at the border, thanks to laws modeled on those suggested by the World Customs Organization. Saif Khan explains.
Could Do Better   2013-02-01
After an exciting year in 2012, IP practitioners in India share their concerns over the country’s IP infrastructure and enforcement, and share their ideas on possible solutions. Anna Zhang reports.
The Generic Challenge   2013-02-01
Amendments to India’s copyright laws provide new opportunities for the Indian creative community to protect their work. Tanvi Misra reports from New Delhi.
Before India amended its Copyright Act in 2012, software was the only technology governed by the law. The expanded law extends the copyright regime to internet service providers, consumer electronics ...
Recent decisions in patent cases in India have resulted in new trends and strategies in telecommunications, biological processes and divisional applications.
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