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CS (OS) 2163/2010 & I.A. No. 14225/2010
When legal matters are outsourced, in-house counsel become clients of external lawyers. Amanda Shuai looks into the cooperation between the lawyers from each side as their relationship evolves.
After months of research, Asia IP will soon reveal the best trademark, patent and copyright practices in Asia. Gregory Glass outlines the methodology.
South Asia
A Madrid Conundrum   2013-08-01
With India’s recent accession to the Madrid Protocol, which will likely be followed by a number of Asian countries including Thailand and Malaysia, joining the Madrid system will continue to be a burn...
As Anand and Anand celebrates its 90th anniversary, Pravin Anand sits down with Asia IP to discuss the philosophies and strategies which have made the firm one of India’s top intellectual property pra...
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