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Landmark Cases

Issued: February 01 2010

Picking the landmark intellectual property case from each of a dozen or so countries is sure to be a difficult job, especially when it comes to reaching a consensus on which cases are most deserving of top honours. Our survey of lawyers in the region gave us a great start in narrowing down the list to a handful of cases in each country or jurisdiction we cover. Fortunately, nobody ever said lawyers aren’t opinionated.

We took lists that we received from law firms around the region and narrowed them down further through extensive research – and some spirited debate among our staff. What we’ve arrived at isn’t a scientific survey or even a definitive list of the landmark cases of 2009, but rather a compilation of some of the most interesting and important IP cases of the previous year.
You may not agree with Asia IP’s annual compilation of top IP cases of the previous year, but we hope you’ll read along with us all the same.