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Cambodia in Need to Clear Out Threat of IP Piracy

Issued: April 04 2014

Cambodian official admitted that the country still has big problems with IP infringement and said the country needed to root out the “threat” of counterfeit and pirated goods, according to The Cambodia Daily’s report.


At a conference devoted to enforcing IP laws, Sun Chanthol, Minister of Commerce in Cambodia, was cited by saying the country is still awash with counterfeit CDs and pharmaceutical drugs.


He said ignoring trademarks, patents and copyrights, IP infringements created “threats to the health and safety of consumers, the discouragement of investment and the activities of organized crime that are a concern to us all.”


The country has joined the World trade Organization for 10 years.


Last year, Cambodian enforcement agencies confiscated and destroyed about 170,000 CDs, 26 types of fake medicines and 82 counterfeit trademarks of cosmetics, such as Nivea and L’Oreal.


“It is our hope that the Cambodian people will realize the benefit of purchasing authentic products, as IPR theft harms consumers who waste their money and can put themselves and their loved ones at risk,” said Sean McIntosh, a spokesman for US Embassy, was cited in the report. The embassy is providing support to train Cambodian law enforcement agencies.