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China Enters PPH Agreements with Singapore, Canada

Issued: July 01 2013

China has signed Patent Prosecution Highway agreements with Singapore and Canada; both agreements go into effect September 1.


“With globalization of the world economy and the rapid growth in patent filings in the Asian market, China and Singapore appreciate the importance of expeditious and comprehensive patent protection in fostering technological innovation,” Tian Lipu, commissioner of China’s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), said at the signing of the agreement with Singapore. “The agreement builds on the cooperative relationship between the two nations for the benefit of applicants filing their patent applications in China and Singapore.”


Sylvain Laporte, CEO of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), said his country’s agreement with China was the “culmination of CIPO's long collaborative relationship with SIPO over the years,” said Mr. Laporte. “The PPH will help simplify and expedite patent applications between our countries. This will help Canadian innovators bring their products to market quicker, which benefits both China’s and Canada’s economies.”


In addition to the PPH agreement, SIPO will give Canada’s patent examiners access to China’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Database, a useful tool in the fight against bio-piracy.