21-04-2017 - 23-04-2017
Metro Manila, Philippines

Join the ASEAN-IPA Annual Meeting and Conference in Manila from 21-23 April 2017.

This is the 50th year of ASEAN and the conference will celebrate not just the journey of ASEAN as an integrated economic entity but also the corresponding journey of ASEAN-IPA in its 21st year as an IP regional association committed to developing and strengthening “IP for ASEAN”.

The fast changing pace of technology and indeed even the traditionally accepted worldview of the boundaries of IP are clearly matters which are engaging IP owners, users and practitioners constantly and are being challenged in some sectors. Endeavours to navigate through this maze of IP agendas pushed by various stakeholders remain a daunting task for ASEAN countries. ASEAN-IPA stands committed to carry on this journey and to do all it can to help ASEAN gain the most from what IP can do to improve our economies while drawing a good healthy balance between protecting IP and allowing its use in a fair manner.

This Conference will definitely increase your knowledge and insight of these live and key issues. 

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