5th LES Asia Pacific Regional Conference

05-11-2014 - 06-11-2014
Seoul, South Korea

The Asia-Pacific region has grown to become an important part of the global IP market. There are many companies from the region that are at the center stage of global IP disputes, and many more companies from the region are expected to join the center stage in the global IP scheme.

The Conference will be held in downtown Gangnam, the heart of Seoul. LES Korea are specifically designing the Conference to be a marketplace for IP, where sellers and buyers can be brought together. Major players in the IP market in the region will gather to provide you with a rare opportunity to discuss IP transactions with top Asia-Pacific IP professionals.

At the Seoul Conference, there will be formal and informal opportunities to share your thoughts and visions on the future of IP in the Asia-Pacific. Please take advantage of this opportunity to make this Conference your place for networking, friendship, and fun!

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