6th China IP Counsel Congress - Shenzhen

15-05-2014 - 16-05-2014
Shenzhen, China

 The “6th China IP Counsel Congress” organized by JFPS Group will come to Shenzhen, China on May 15~16 of this year. The 2013 Annual National Tour of the "5th China IP Counsel Congress" in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing has established a solid foundation for the event to expand the strategic layout throughout China, and also bring the China IP Counsel Congress of JFPS to a new high level. Under such circumstances, the 6th Congress aims to create an excellent platform for the IP practitioners to learn from the best and showcase their finest. It will cover four main topic areas of Latest Policies & Laws, IP Commercialization & Capitalization, IP Management Enhancing, and Best Practice. Compared with the previous events, the significant difference is that two workshops are set up to discuss the IP practice by the speakers from different fields on their respective viewpoints at the end of this Congress.


The Topics:

  • Interpretation of the Fourth Amendment on Patent Law of China;
  • The Value that Patent Capitalization Brings to Enterprises;
  • Technical Achievement Conversion & Development Tendency and Successful Cases of Commercialization;
  • Patent International and Domestic Placement Strategy;
  • Key Elements in Claims or Legal Rights Safeguard for Enterprise;
  • Patent Information and Intelligence Analysis;


With the increasing number of intellectual property application, management and protection concerning on the relevant issues are becoming the focus of more and more enterprises. Viewing it globally, the intellectual property application in China is keeping its promising momentum with solid growth every year. The data from the Intellectual Property Office of China shows that the quantity of IP application in Guangdong Province ranks the second in China after Jiangsu Province, and its number of patent licensing also remains the second after Beijing. A technology innovation system which is self-innovated, market guided enterprise amalgamated of industry-university-research cooperation has been established in Shenzhen. The IP advantages of Guangdong Province shows not only in quantity, but also in quality.


The China IP Counsel Conference has already been recognized the most influential and professional event with the most latest information and most compelling business opportunities for the IP practitioners in China. If you are facing some problems in intellectual property, seeking a better solution and the development opportunity, developing new clients in a wider area, please focus on our Congress. The “6th China IP Counsel Congress” with theme of “The latest trend forecast, analysis from the most wide angle, the most deeply dissection of cases” is looking forward to meet you in this May of Shenzhen!


Date: May 15~16, 2014

Organizer: JFPS Group





Contact Information:

Contact: Allen Sun

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