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IP Experts 2019

Issued: January 31 2019

Complex IP issues demand outstanding legal experts, but identifying the very best IP lawyers in Asia can be a tricky business. We hope the latest edition of IP Experts will make it that process a little bit easier.

To be listed in IP Experts you have to be good – very good. The list is based on extensive editorial research, and feedback from corporate counsel worldwide, meaning that only a select group of leading lawyers are included. In-house counsel and private practice lawyers were asked to nominate and vote for leading lawyers in nine key IP-related practice areas. They had to have first-hand knowledge of the lawyer they were nominating, and could not nominate anyone from their own firm. Only those lawyers nominated by multiple sources have been included.

The complete list of IP Experts can be found towards the end of the section, and many lawyers have chosen to include their biographies and contact details. As one corporate counsel put it, IP Experts need “tenacity and courage in the face of challenging attacks.” The lawyers listed here certainly do.


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