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IP Rights Soar in The Middle East

Issued: November 29 2013

While Gulf Cooperation Council members work towards unified IP laws, the rest of the Middle East has seen a surge in interest in protecting intellectual property rights. Johnny Chan reports.

The Participants

Ramy Aoun

Senior Associate

Badri & Salim El Meouchi Law Firm

Beirut, Lebanon

Jamshid Dastani

Managing Partner

Dastani & Dastani

Tehran, Iran

Alexandros Georgiades


Dr K Chrysostomides & Co

Nicosia, Cyprus

Helena Levin

Patent Attorney

Dr Yitzhak Hess & Partners


Tel Aviv, Israel

Ashraf AbdelNabi

Senior Associate

Ibrachy & Dermarkar

Giza, Egypt

Raed Karawani


Karawani Law Firm

Damascus, Syria

Monya Jamous


Kouatly & Associates

Beirut, Lebanon

Mohamed ElFar


Matouk Bassiouny

Cairo, Egypt

Firas Qumsieh

Managing Partner

NJQ & Associates

Amman, Jordan

Selma Ünlü

Senior Partner

NSN Law Firm

Istanbul, Turkey

Gökben Erdem Dirican

Senior Partner

Pekin & Pekin

Istanbul, Turkey

Mohammad Badamchi

Attorney at Law

Raysan Patent & Trademark Agents


Jonathan Agmon

Senior Partner


Herzliya, Israel

Fatima Heyari


United Trademark & Patent Services

Amman, Jordan




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