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Rouse Promotes 24 New Equity Executives

Issued: October 30 2017

IP consultancy Rouse has announced it has promoted 24 new equity executives following the firm’s strong performance in the financial year to April 2017. The increase in the number of equity executives, to 51, is spread across Rouse’ global network of offices, including Moscow, Dubai, Bangkok, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, London and Hanoi. Rouse now operates more than 16 offices across multiple continents, with a new office in Southeast Asia set to open soon.

The new cohort of executives has been drawn from across a wide range of different business functions, including professionals from the company’s IT, finance and HR disciplines, in addition to fee-earners. The firm says that the move is the result of the company’s longer-term plan to diversify its leadership base, both geographically and in terms of.

Lawyers appointed to executive include:

Bangkok: Kaew (Peeraya) Thammasujarit and Jump (Nuttachai) Unaratana. Beijing: Landy Jiang, Hatty Cui, Amanda Yang, Li Mi and Josh Mandell. Dubai: Manisha Sawhney (finance manager) and Samantha Grainger. Guangzhou: Donnie Wang and Sophia Hou. Hanoi: Hai Anh Nguyen. Hong Kong: Theresa Mak, Mary Man and Jarron Stephens (global head of IT). Jakarta: Yurio Astary, Tania Lovita and Herlina (practice manager). Shanghai: Weng Li, Wing Wang (China financial controller), Joanne Chen (China HR head) and Melanie Zhu.


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