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Anand and Anand's Promotions

Issued: January 25 2017

Nupur Maithani has been promoted to partner. She specializes in drafting, prosecution and patent mining in the areas of biotechnology, biodiversity, pharmaceuticals, and chemical and life sciences, and provides opinions, including patentability, infringement/ non-infringement, compulsory licensing issues and validity. She is trained in the areas of gene cloning, DNA fingerprinting, genetic diversity, proteomics, enzymology toxicological studies and molecular biology. She was associated with the Patent Facilitating Center, TIFAC of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Manish Biala has been promoted to partner in the litigation and enforcement department. He has conducted several civil and criminal raids on behalf of reputed global brands throughout India. Before joining the firm, he was an independent legal practitioner aligned with criminal law bar practice for almost four years. He regularly appears for the contentious matters before the various courts throughout the Indian jurisdiction.

Gitanjali Bhatnagar has been promoted to director. With educational degrees and experience in computer science and law, her practice includes providing strategy and opinions, prosecution, oppositions before the Indian Patents and Designs office, patent-related appeals and invalidations before the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB), IP litigation before Indian High Courts, evaluation against standards for telecommunication related patents and other related proceedings.

Abhishek Magotra has been promoted to director. He has an extensive experience in drafting and prosecution of patent specifications. He has been involved in the value addition exercises related to intellectual property matters, such as prior art and patentability searches, patentability assessments, handling oppositions and infringement analysis of patents in the area of mechanical engineering.


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