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'Israeli' Oranges Causing Furor in Iran Came from China

Issued: May 01 2009

Not so sweet in Iran.
The uproar over the sale of Israeli citrus fruit in Iran – despite a ban on commercial dealings between the two countries – has taken a new twist, according to the BBC: It turns out the fruit, called Jaffa Sweeties, weren’t from Israel, after all, but rather from China, where their origin was faked.

The discovery of the purportedly-Israeli fruit caused outrage in Iran, where markets stocking the fruit were closed. Tal Amit, the general manager of Israel’s Citrus Marketing Board, told the BBC the fruit had not originated in his country. “It’s a bit annoying that somebody is using our brand name and registered trademark without our permission,” he told the BBC.

Israel primarily exports Sweeties to Japan and South Korea.


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