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China TransInfo, Nissan to Cooperate on NEDO Project, Share IP Rights

Issued: March 01 2011
China TransInfo Technology, a provider of intelligent transportation solutions and traffic information services in China has announced that its subsidiary, Beijing Zhangcheng Science and Technology (Palmcity), has recently signed a development agreement with Nissan Motor Co to work on a New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) project, which is the first national cooperation between China and Japan aimed at improving the use of energy efficiency and protecting the environment in China through the application of a New Traffic Information System. The two-year agreement is valued at ¥340.9 million (US$4.1 million).

According to the agreement, Palmcity will be responsible for developing and managing an open verification system, user recruitment service, and real time traffic information interface, which will be used for verification of a new traffic information system. The development of the system is expected to be completed by October 2011, and put it into operation immediately afterwards.

In addition to providing traffic information services, the system will provide suggestions for drivers based on their driving behavior so they can save energy. Upon the completion of the System’s construction, China TransInfo will provide dynamic traffic information services for 12,000 portable navigation device users who are connected to the system and 600 Nissan on-board terminal users in Beijing.

Nissan and its affiliates will contribute the required technology that is fully commercialized in Japan to build the system. All jointly-developed technology and intellectual property will be jointly owned by Palmcity and Nissan upon the completion of the project. China TransInfo expects to provide traffic information services for additional users based on this system.

“The project will bring us an opportunity to develop a new set of Telematics Service Provider (TSP) platform and service verification systems that can be commercialized, as well as 12,600 new users,” said Shudong Xia, chairman and CEO of China TransInfo. “We believe these products and users will help create a differentiating advantage for our company in the traffic information services segment. As this TSP service platform will be the only third-party TSP service platform in the Chinese market, China TransInfo is well positioned to expand its business model for traffic information services based on its operational expertise. The cooperation will also give us a priority status as Nissan’s vendor.”


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