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Talpa Will Continue To Defend Its IPRs Against Latest Claims By Zhejiang TV

Issued: July 19 2016


Talpa has voiced its opposition to the misleading July 6 statement by Zhejiang TV, which suggested that Zhejiang TV is the rightful owner of ”中国好声音” (“Zhong Guo Hao Sheng Yin”) — the local title for Talpa's popular "The Voice of China" format.

Zhejiang TV's unsupported assertion is completely inconsistent with the recent decision of the Beijing Intellectual Property Court, which prevents the use by Canxing of the title 中国好声音 (“Zhong Guo Hao Sheng Yin”) in connection with any singing talent show.  Despite the prohibition, Talpa notes that Zhejiang TV continues to refer to and have video clips of “The Voice of China” / “中国好声音” on its website:


Talpa again welcomes the July 4 decision of the Beijing Intellectual Property Court to dismiss the request by Canxing for reconsideration of the Court’s June 20 decision, which ordered Canxing to stop using any programme title containing the characters 中国好声音 (“Zhong Guo Hao Sheng Yin”), the English title “The Voice of China” and certain registered trademarks.


Talpa will monitor the new show closely and will not hesitate to take all necessary legal action to prevent the infringement of its intellectual property rights.  In particular, Talpa is considering its response to Zhejiang TV’s announcement that the title of the new show will be “中国新歌声”.


Talpa remains committed to working with its partner, Zhejiang Tangde (Talent International), for production of the authentic and authorised “The Voice of China” /“中国好声音” Series 5 and to expanding areas of cooperation for the benefit of Chinese audiences.


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