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Rise Against Movie Piracy Philippines Launched

Issued: May 10 2016

On May 2, 2016, the Intellectual Property Office Philippines, Motion Picture Association, United States Embassy, and the Korean Copyright Commission, along with the country’s leading video-on-demand service providers Blink, Hooq and iflix, launched Rise Against Movie Piracy Philippines, a video-making contest for Manila-based film students to raise awareness on the importance of respecting copyrighted content by obtaining them only through legal means.


According to IPOPHL, the contest seeks to encourage today’s youth to support films by watching the theatrical release and refraining from pirated media such as torrents or peer-to-peer sites. As digital natives, today’s youth consume content mainly online through their mobile or PC devices. By patronizing legal sources such as subscription-based streaming services, Filipino TV and movie fans help the creative community to continue making movies and TV programs that audiences love.


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