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Changes to the Canadian Trademarks Act

Issued: June 27 2014

Following a commitment made in its Economic Action Plan 2014, the Canadian government tabled on March 28, 2014, amendments to the Trademarks Act in the Budget Implementation Act (BIA) that will allow Canada to accede to three trademark treaties: Madrid Protocol, Singapore Treaty and Nice Agreement. The BIA received Royal Assent on June 19, 2014. This is a significant milestone in the process to implementing the treaties.


By joining international IP treaties, the government is delivering on its continuing commitment to modernize Canada's intellectual property regime. Canadian businesses will have access to a trademark regime that is aligned with international best practices, that reduces costs and administrative burden, that facilitates their expansion in foreign markets, and that attracts foreign investment to Canada.


Over the coming months, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office will consult on the proposed related changes to the Regulations and continue working towards defining the requirements and functionalities needed to update the IT systems.


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