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ideaPoint Launches New Software to More Easily Capture Partnering Opportunities and Novel Ideas

Issued: November 05 2018

Anaqua’s ideaPoint, a leading provider of innovation management solutions, today announced the launch of new software that will simplify the identification and capture of key partnering opportunities and novel innovative ideas.


ideaPoint provides software solutions that help global enterprises, including some of the world’s leading technology and bio-science companies, better exploittheir innovation potential and drive business growth. The new software, ideaPoint 5.0, enablesorganizations to accelerate the speed and efficiency of evaluating, tracking, and managing innovation and identifying and capitalizing onopportunities for partnerships and collaborations, whether internal or external.


One of the major key enhancements in ideaPoint 5.0 is Mobile ScoutTM, afast, convenient and flexible approach to tech scouting and innovation capture. Mobile Scoutenables users to capitalize onpotential partnering opportunities more easily and effectively through a mobile device or tablet. Users can quickly capture meetings with potential partners and tag theirentries with key information. They can turn meeting notes into opportunities with one click or set reminders to keep track of potential opportunities.In addition, they can easily report on the ROI of events based on leads generated to determine the best way to allocate future resources.


“ideaPoint 5.0 continues to make partnering and innovation opportunity management easy for technology and bio-science companies as well as firms engaged in R&D collaborations. Whether you are a scout, subject matter expert,reviewer, or an experienced Business Development & Licensing (BD&L)executive, interacting with the system every day to access partner data has never been simpler,” said Scott Shaunessy, ideaPoint CEO.“Senior management has visibility into portfolio level reports to see how their innovation programs are operating. With mobility, competitive intelligence, due diligence data, alliance management tools, and integrated analytics all at your fingertips, there is no doubt that ideaPoint can help any company, large or small, get the most value out of their Partnering and Innovation Programs.”


ideaPoint will be presenting the new software at BioEurope on November 5th– 7th and participating in the Innovation Roundtable Nov 6th – 8th, both in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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