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Altman Weil, Jomati Consultants And PDA Have Announced Formation Of Global Legal Consultancy

Issued: May 01 2009
Legal management consulting firms Altman Weil, Jomati Consultants and Professional Development Asia (PDA) have announced the formation of a global legal consultancy through a strategic alliance of their organisations. The alliance will operate under the banner of Altman Weil Global. Altman Weil is headquartered in the United States, Jomati Consultants in the UK and PDA in Hong Kong.
“Altman Weil Global’s geographic reach will match the increasing demand from our large law firm and corporate law department clients to work seamlessly across offices and markets in key jurisdictions worldwide,” said Altman Weil president Ward Bower.
Over the last two decades, large US law firms made significant investments in UK and European offices and acquisitions while UK firms looked to New York and Europe for expansion opportunities. Those firms are now turning their sights towards Asia, said Bower.
“Asian offices are often the hardest for law firms to create and integrate and there are many cultural factors which come in to play,” said PDA principal David Tully. “Corporate law departments face particular challenges operating across multiple jurisdictions in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.”


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