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SIPO Deputy Commissioner Speaks At China-ASEAN IP Management and Utilization Seminar In Beijing

Issued: July 19 2017

The Seminar on China-ASEAN IP Management and Utilization co-organized by the State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Secretariat was recently held in Beijing. SIPO Deputy Commissioner He Zhimin attended the seminar and delivered a speech.

He Zhimin said that SIPO has always attached great importance to the friendly cooperation with the ASEAN Secretariat and its member countries. Since 2005, with the platform of China-ASEAN Investment Cooperation Fund, SIPO has organized IP training programs and seminars with favorable responses. Through these programs, SIPO wished to strengthen mutual understanding on IP systems and best practices of IP offices in this region and promote experience and information exchanges. He also commented that the ASEAN is an important regional organization in Asia. When the Belt and Road initiative was put forward, ASEAN responded actively. The cooperation between China and the ASEAN member states on IP was further deepened with fruitful achievements. China's IP development highly values the efficiency of improving IP management and commercialization. The seminar this time was aimed to have in-depth exchanges with ASEAN countries on IP management and utilization.

On the four-day seminar, participants would conduct discussions surrounding nine themes including the strategy and role of government in facilitating IP management and intellectual property rights (IPR) license and transfer. Officials and experts from the ASEAN Secretariat and IP authorities of ASEAN member countries, and representatives from China's IP authorities and the IP industry, all together about 40 people attended the seminar. 


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